Messy Color™ Peacock Green Ltd Run

511413 -

Peacock Green Ltd Run (511413)<br />A milky green moonstone.

A milky green moonstone.

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"I really like to use these colors [Cirrus, Peacock Green, & Halong Bay] as encasements over intense dichroic scrap beads." – Patricia Frantz

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Messy Peacock Green & Halong Bay
Teri Yount
Messy Peacock Green, Crocus, and Cranberry Pink
Joy Munshower
Peacock Green
Lori Bergmann
Peacock Green & Halong Bay
Carol Oliver
Unstruck, struck, reduced, etched
Messy Peacock Green
Robert Jennik

Darlene Collette made beads with Peacock Green wrapped with 99% fine silver.
See how Darlene Collette combined Poison Apple, Peacock Green, and rubino oro.
Darlene Collette made a set capturing the colors of the harvest using Peacock Green.
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"Peacock Green doesn’t etch. I thought it provided a nice textural contrast to the 'sea glass' finish of the other beads."
Celia Friedman
Peacock Green & Triton.
Darlene Collette
“Peacock Green does not etch like other 104 colors. Here it was put in etching solution for 20 minutes. You can see the slight variation of the etched bead looking a bit more dull, but not really what I would call a proper etching.”
Genea Crivello-Knable
"I made a bead in every green shade of CiM I own, and also in similar Effetre shades." See more comparison beads including etched versions at Lush Blogs.
Julie Fountain
"I noticed it's a spreader. The pic on the left shows white dots on a Peacock base, the white dots have been swallowed up by the Peacock and have a little dot in the middle -  see how the white dots on the Kryptonite bead on the right are unaffected." Read more at Lush blogs.
Julie Fountain
"This is where Peacock Green shines, in a larger bead - where the colour becomes more intense, but you get to see through the glass as well." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"I really like to use these colors [Cirrus, Peacock Green, & Halong Bay] as encasements over intense dichroic scrap beads." Read more at the Frantz Art Glass blog.
Patricia Frantz
Peacock Green matches Swarovski Peridot crystals.
Vonna Maslanka