Our Mission Statement

The Creation is Messy mission is to build a line of 104 COE compatible colors to expand your lampworking palette. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality hand pulled glass rods for your art work. We also strive to produce glass that is consistent from melt to melt and available when you need it.

We believe that as manufacturers we should be transparent about providing constantly updated technical information. We test each and every Messy Color™ to optimize your working environment.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality glass rods so that you can spend less energy worrying about your raw materials and more time creating. We hope to find our products cluttering your workspaces regularly.

CiM is sustained by the lampworking community. Many thanks to all of you who take the time to offer color suggestions, provide comments and feedback, and share photos of Messy Color™ in action. You are helping us form the vision and direction of CiM, and your continued support is vital to our ability to continue to meet and exceed your needs.