Messy Color™ Pachyderm Ltd Run

511824 -

Pachyderm Ltd Run (511824)<br />A opaque grey laden with silver.

A opaque grey laden with silver.

"I continue to be astonished at how much better some colours play with the raku type frit. This is quite lovely! The greys seem to be, by and large, very nice with raku." Read more at DragonJools blog. – Dwyn Tomlinson

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CiM Pachyderm
Joy Munshower
Messy Pachyderm
Kandice Seeber
CiM Pachyderm
Gloria Sevey
Messy Pachyderm
Jolene Wolfe
Pachyderm swirled with Melanie's Candy Floss frit blend
Melanie Graham
CiM Pachyderm with intense black
Dwyn Tomlinson

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Pachyderm was melted in response to requests for a neutral that would work well with silver and reactive colors.
"Pachyderm is a very nice base colour for silver glass, both the reducing kind and the striking kind. It fumed brown around my reducing silver glass frit in a beautifully dramatic way, and I got great colour out of my TerraNova2 frit on top of this colour." Read more at Melanie's blog. – Melanie Graham
  • Special thanks to Jolene Wolfe, Trudi Doherty, & Melanie Graham for providing the photos in this section.

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"Pachyderm is one of my hands down favorite colors! The best grey with brown hues!"
Tammy Mercier
"I continue to be astonished at how much better some colours play with the raku type frit. This is quite lovely! The greys seem to be, by and large, very nice with raku." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"The colours shown here with Pachyderm are Effetre Sage, Effetre Avocado, CiM African Gray, CiM Koala, and Effetre Sediment. I chose these colours because their rod colours weren't all that different from Pachyderm's before I melted them. Pachyderm is pinker than all of these other colours, and lighter than all but African Gray. Out of the ones I chose, it is closest to African Gray, although that colour lacks the pinkish cast that Pachyderm has." Read more at Melanie's blog.
Melanie Graham
"On a base of Pachyderm, I layered Double Helix Terranova shards and scrolls of Terra 2. I heated and cooled the glasses multiple times to see the browns bloom from each striking and the resulting chocolate tones are wonderful for an organic feel." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"Pachyderm is a lovely soft brown glass that melts with no issues. As it melts it does go transparent and strikes to a much paler colour. I made two polkas . . . one I struck, the other one once I melted was put straight in the kiln. I was expecting them to be different and patchy . . . but they're not, the surface colour is pretty even. If you look very very closely at the two, there us a very slight difference in colour [but very little]. The closest comparisons would be Hippo and Effetre mudslide."
Trudi Doherty
"The medium grey opaque rod works up into a light grey and an adobe mud colour - like an elephant wallowing in her favourite watering hole. Elephants on parade!" Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"Pachyderm is a grey-brown that has streaks and variations that are less extreme than Safari or Van Dyke Brown. It has come out distinctly warmer and browner than the rod here." Read more at Heather's blog.
Heather Kelly
"As a rod, this glass looks like a medium grey. When melted it lightens and warms up into a sort of fawn grey - not completely brown and not completely grey . . . Pachyderm does tend to strike softly as you work it, warming up a little more the longer it's worked. They grey spots seem to disappear after a short while, leaving it a light tan." Read more at Kandice's blog.
Kandice Seeber
"Pachyderm melted beautifully. It's a fantastic base for stormed Ekho."
Sandy Fulbrook
"Pachyderm is a warm brown toned grey which has lots of striations and will strike to even warmer tones in the flame. . . . This bead is a much better example of the colour variation you can see within Pachyderm." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe
"This elephant inspired color is a bit deceiving in rod form. Once flameworked, the glass goes from tones of gray to beige which creates interest, depth, and contrast in the final piece. "
Heather Sellers