Messy Colors are colors that we are committed to producing regularly, keeping hue consistent from batch to batch, and available / in stock when you need them. You can see a chart of all Messy Colors here.

When we melt a color that we do not plan to reproduce constantly, it is branded a Ltd Run. Messy Ltd Runs are often mismelts of Messy Colors. Mismelted colors are very limited in quantity as they are almost impossible to reproduce by their very nature of being a mismelt.

We also frequently melt experimental pots of color that are worthy of melting once but do not necessarily merit adding to our regular Messy Color line. These experiments are also branded Ltd Runs since we do not have plans to reproduce them on a constant basis.

There are also a few colors that we used to produce regularly but, due to slow sales and similarities to other manufacturer's colors, we decided to make them occasional Ltd Runs. For example, French Blue used to be a Messy Color but due to its similarity to Effetre dark periwinkle we now call it a Ltd Run.

Color Archives

Why don't you just produce all colors all the time instead of producing Ltd Runs?

Our resellers are committed to carrying the full Messy Color line (70+ colors). They have given feedback that it is costly to carry all the colors since some sell slowly and are essentially duplicated by other manufacturers. It would be onerous for our resellers to add items ad infinitum. Our goal is to keep the Messy Color line to a reasonable and manageable number of colors with proven sell through.

Instead of adding new colors to the Messy Color line, we melt Ltd Runs to respond to customer requests for new colors. For example, many customers have requested moonstones in different hues. We’d like to melt various moonstone hues for those artists now & again as the market demands, but brand them as Ltd Runs so that not every reseller need carry them.

If we discover that a particular Ltd Run is extremely well received, we will make every effort to add it to the regular Messy Color line.

How can I tell which Ltd Runs are in stock and which are sold out?

Messy Ltd Runs that are available and in stock can be found in the regular palettes section of our site. There is a clearly marked Buy Now drop down menu so that you can find the Ltd Run at your preferred reseller.

When a Ltd Run has less than 30 lb remaining at Frantz Art Glass, we move it to the Color Archives section of our web site. It is then marked SOLD OUT next to the item number.

How do I know if you are almost out of a Ltd Run so that I can stock up?

We publish a Watch List of Ltd Runs that we will soon run out of in our e newsletters. You can register for our newsletter here.

Color Archives

Where can I find information about Ltd Runs that are sold out?

When a Ltd Run has less than 30 lb remaining at Frantz Art Glass and thus is almost sold out, we move it to the Color Archives section of our web site.

What is a Messy Unique?

Prior to 2011, when we mismelted a Messy Color, we called it a Unique of that color. For example, Unique Pumpkin -4 was the fourth mismelt of Pumpkin. Customers and resellers reported that this was confusing.

Our testers told us that all they are interested in is the name of the color, how it differs from other colors in the 104 palette, and whether or not they'll be able to buy it again. In response to this feedback, we started branding anything that might not be reproduced or available a "Ltd Run."

Why did you re brand some Uniques as Ltd Runs?

There are eleven Uniques that we re branded as Ltd Runs in 2012:

511105 Scarlett Ltd Run (formerly Unique Lipstick 511140-3)
511107 Schoolhouse Ltd Run (formerly Unique Lipstick 511140-1)
511108 Vermilion Ltd Run (formerly Unique Lipstick 511140-2)
511304 Sunny Side Up Ltd Run (formerly Unique Pumpkin 511223-5)
511605 Thistledown Ltd Run (formerly Unique Plum 511658-2)
511606 Damson Ltd Run (formerly Unique Plum 511658-1)
511809 Hematite Ltd Run (formerly Unique Gunmetal 511885-1)
511810 Zombie Ltd Run (formerly Unique Tamarind 511773-2)
511305 Sunflower Ltd Run (formerly Unique Pumpkin 511223-6)
511513 Galapagos Ltd Run (formerly Unique Great Bluedini 511590-2)
511706 Sand Dollar Ltd Run (formerly Unique Ginger 511701-3)

In response to customer requests, we re designed our web site to remove the Uniques sections and add a Color Archives section. The new site organization necessitated selling out of all the Uniques. The ten Uniques listed above did not sell out in time to implement the site changes, so we re branded them as Ltd Runs in order to move forward.

What is Messy 96?

Creation is Messy produces Messy Color™ at a private family-owned factory in China which produces lampworked and fused products for export to Europe, Japan, and North America. The factory has pulled their own glass rods for 25 years for in house production to make swizzle sticks, animals, flowers, holiday ornaments, and the like. They have traditionally worked in the range of a 96 coefficient of expansion. In 2006, Creation is Messy formed a partnership with them to bring new colors to the 104 palette by adjusting the compatibility of their glass.

The factory continues to use 96 compatible glass in house for production. We offered some of these colors in the North American marketplace as Messy 96, but the colors have since sold out. We are now focusing our energies on producing the highest quality 104 coe compatible hand pulled glass rods only.

I like to use my rods down to the nubs. How can I remove the Messy stickers?

If you soak the stickers in water for a few hours (or long enough to become saturated with water), they will detach themselves from the rods. A glass cleaning solution will help remove the residue.

Why are Messy rods so uniform if they are hand pulled?

CiM experiences the same difficulties and irregularities in glass production as other manufacturers. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality glass rods, so we reject production runs that do not test compatible or can otherwise be characterized as just "bad" glass.

When a production run does pass our compatibility tests, we hand inspect each rod to check that they are straight and smooth, consistent 4-7 mm diameters, free from irregularities, stones, bumps, dust, scratches, bubbles, etc. Basically, we only sell the very best rods of the cane pull to our customers.

How are CiM item numbers organized?

CiM item numbers are composed of three parts. The first three digits "511" are the manufacturer code designated for Creation is Messy by Frantz Art Glass (in the same way that 591 indicates Effetre, 791 indicates Vetrofond, etc.)

The fourth digit indicates one of the different families of colors as follows:
Messy Color tag
An example of a Messy Color tag on our rods
1 red
2 orange
3 yellow
4 green
5 blue
6 purple
7 brown
8 neutral
9 pink

The last two digits indicate a number for the color. Messy Color tag
An example of a tag on a Messy Color stringer

All Messy Color rods are between 4 and 7 mm in diameter. Some Messy Colors are available in thinner or fatter diameters. To indicate diameters that are not 4-7 mm in our item number system, we add a -S after the initial six digits of the item number. We then add more numbers to indicate as follows:

Messy Color tag
An example of a tag on a Messy Color large diameter rod
-S01 1-2 mm
-S02 2-3 mm
-S04 4-6 mm
-S06 6-8 mm
-S08 8-10 mm

A Limited Run is a color that may be difficult to find in perpetuity. Part of our mission is to keep stock of the regular Messy Color line so that colors are available when you need them. Ltd Runs are colors that we melt once or twice but are not planning to keep stock at all times. Messy Limited Run tag
An example of a Messy Limited Run tag on our rods

This item number system was implemented on the production end in 2010 the Year of the Tiger. You may notice differences between your rod tags and the examples above as the rods cycle thru inventory for all of our various resellers. We hope these clarifications will assist Messy artists in making decisions about which colors they can count on in our line to be reproduced consistently for their work. If you are at all confused about which item you have, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Do you make stringers of Messy Colors?

We sell stringers for Hades, Tuxedo, Peace, and Clear.

We know that stringers have traditionally sold in 2-3 mm diameters. However, our testing team expressed an overwhelming preference for the 1-2 mm size, so we offer both. Messy Color stringer size comparison

We have packaged as carefully as possible to prevent breakage. Each quarter pound bundle is wrapped in tissue paper and tagged. We do not tag the stringers themselves as we found this cause for breakage.

Stringers are more difficult to pull than 4-7 mm rod and the prices are higher accordingly.

We introduced stringers in a variety of other Messy Colors to test the marketplace but found there was little interest other than Hades, Tuxedo, Peace, and Clear. Messy Color paddle showing stringer availability
Messy Color paddle showing size availability

If you would like to know if stringers are available in any given color, simply look at the paddle image for size availability. If a size is listed, then the color is available in 4-7 mm and the listed size. For example, Messy Hades, as shown here, is available in 1-2 mm and 2-3 mm as indicated as well as 4-7 mm.

If there are no sizes on the paddle, then it is available in 4-7 mm only.

Do you sell Messy Color frit?

Messy Color frit is made from the same high quality glass that we pull into cane. It is hand inspected and packaged to ensure the highest standard.

The frits we offer are sifted to be consistently sized in standard sizes 0 or 1. Colors are individually packaged and not blended. To date, we have produced frit in a limited number of colors.

Messy Color frit size comparison

Frantz Art Glass sells a selection of Messy Color frits in 2 oz or 1 lb packages at both retail and wholesale pricing. They have the following colors available: Bordello, Celadon, Peacock Green, French Blue, Halong Bay, Ginger, Cirrus, Gelly's Sty, and Rose Quartz. We encourage you to browse Frantz's Messy Color frit selection.

GG Glass carries some of our more popular Messy Colors as frits in her 104 coe compatible frit blends. We encourage you to browse Gail's fabulous selection of 104 blends for inspiration.

GG Glass also sells some Messy Color frits as individual solid colors in 1, 2, or 4 oz jars at retail pricing.

If you are looking for frit of a color that is not listed above, custom orders are possible. Please contact us for more information about minimum order quantities and pricing.

How can I tell if a Messy Color is a transparent, opaque, opal, or moonstone?

Messy Color formulae can be divided into four categories:

Opaques (Effetre calls these "pastels")
Opals (similar to Effetre's "opalinos" or "alabasters")

Messy moonstones are Cirrus, Halong Bay, and Peacock Green. The formulae and working properties for these three are different and distinct enough that we cannot lump them into the other categories.

We make a note of whether each color is a transparent, opaque, opal, or moonstone in the description for each color. Please see the image below for the location of the description on our color pages:

Messy Color descriptions

Or the location of the description on the palettes page:

Messy Color descriptions

Which Messy Colors work best with silver & reactive glasses?

We asked our testers which Messy Colors work best with silver & reactive glasses. Hades won hands down. Here are other notable colors: Canyon de Chelly, Great Bluedini, Sangre, Crocus, and Sepia.

Do you have a favorite Messy Color + silver glass combination? We would love to post it on our site. Please submit a description of your beads and photo sized 800 x 800 to

Where can I find a printable palette of Messy Colors?

Here is where you can find a downloadable or printable .pdf of the Messy Color palette that we are committed to keeping available and in stock.

Messy Color Palette

What is the difference between Peace, Marshmallow, and Cirrus?

Thanks to Genea Crivello-Knable for this photo.

Messy Peace, Marshmallow, and Cirrus

Where can I find a color gallery that includes Messy Color?

Serena Thomas' color gallery is a great reference for the 104 glass color palette:

Serena Thomas' Color Gallery

Miriam Steger's color charts are available free online and also as a printed poster for purchase (sorted either by color or by manufacturer):

Miriam Steger's Color Charts

And our very own Messy Color palette:

Messy Color Palette

What are your top ten bestselling Messy Colors?

Dirty Martini
Cranberry Pink
Gellys Sty

What are the Messy alternatives to ivory?

Special thanks to Genea Crivello-Knable for the photo.
Canyon de Chelly
Ginger Unique -3
Dirty Martini
Butter Pecan Unique -5
Butter Pecan Unique -4
Stone Ground

Messy alternatives to ivory