Messy Color™ Peat Moss Ltd Run

511452 - Sold Out

Peat Moss Ltd Run (511452)<br />A transparent earthy green.

A transparent earthy green.

"Peat Moss is a deep amber toned green, a very classy, a unique and welcome addition to the 104 palette." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog. – Jolene Wolfe

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Cornsilk on the bottom, Peat Moss on the top and silver ivory shards
Hilda Procak
CiM Dirty Martini & Peat Moss
Laura Sparling
CiM Peat Moss
Melanie Graham
CiM Peat Moss with Effetre White 204 stringerwork
Laura Sparling
CiM Peat Moss with silvered ivory, CiM Ochre, and Blue Chalcedony frit
Trudi Doherty
Peat Moss appears much darker by itself than it does when layered with the Mint Chip.
Kandice Seeber

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Peat Moss is unique to the 104 lampworking world and fills a gap in the color palette.
Peat Moss does come out dark in photographs and I had to adjust the tones slightly to show on the screen what I saw with my eye. – Trudi Doherty
Peat Moss is definitely unique. – Kandice Seeber
  • Special thanks to Heather Sellers for the photo in this section.

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"Peat Moss is a rich, earthy olive green transparent colour. It is definitely unique in the 104 CoE palette . . . Here, I've compared Peat Moss against Effetre Olive and Effetre Light Grass Green. I got a lot of bubbles in all of these colours, which is no doubt my own fault, but Peat Moss does seem to be a colour that likes to bubble, especially when it is used in stringer form. I think the key to avoiding these bubbles is to work slower and cooler, which I'll practice." Read more at Melanie's blog.
Melanie Graham
"It is a transparent earthy green with an olive tone and is a unique color within the COE 104 lampwork palette. In this set I paired it with Double Helix Triton silver infused glass shards that are carefully applied to the base glass to create a gleaming 'armoured' look. The metallic coating when reduced brought out gleams of gold and copper that complimented the olive toned glass." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"Peat Moss is a suitably brown-olive transparent green. I trapped a couple of bubbles but on the whole it is very clear." Read more at Heather's blog.
Heather Kelly
"When you put this next to the bright greens, it looks brown, but on its own, you would just classify it as a green in the olive family. Peat Moss was also inclined to form lots of small bubbles." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"I loved the clarity of this color. One thing to keep in mind though is that if you heat too fast, it might bubble a bit. Heat gently, and if haze or scum appears on your gather you can burn it off by gently heating more. That being said, I was able to make the sample and the spacers without much trouble. Once pulled into stringer, layering was simple."  Read more at Kandice's blog.
Kandice Seeber
"I tend to use mainly opaque glass so this was a bit different for me, the glass was easy to work with a few bubbles but no scumming. It is a good base for stormed Ekho, with Raku on the acorn the colours were pale but pretty. Not a unique colour- I likened it to Effetre Olive, although it's a tad more brown."
Sandy Fulbrook
"Peat Moss is an olive glass with strong brown earthy tones. It sits nicely between Effetre's Kelp and CiM's Moijto. I started working in a hotter flame and it melted like a dream - just like butter. But I did start to notice some micro bubbles forming on the bead, but not the rod at all. Afterwards I made some smaller beads in a more moderate flame with no issues at all. Could be that this does not like prolonged heat ... or possibly may need to adjust flame settings. I don't have enough glass to test throughly."
Trudi Doherty
"Peat Moss is a deep amber toned green, a very classy, a unique and welcome addition to the 104 palette." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe