Messy Color™ Elixir Ltd Run

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Elixir Ltd Run (511485)<br />A bright yellow-green misty opal- same hue as Anole.

A bright yellow-green misty opal- same hue as Anole.

"Anole [left] and Elixir [right] are another matching pair, with Anole being the tranlucent opal and Elixir the misty opal. Colour match is also good." Read more at DragonJools' blog. – Dwyn Tomlinson

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Base of Elixir decorated with stripes of Weeping Willow
Jolene Wolfe
CiM Elixir
Gloria Sevey
CiM Elixir & Cerulean
Carol Ann Savage
This bead has CiM's Peppermint Cream and combination of Double Helix's silver glasses Melia and Clio central dots. The middle was encased in Zephyr and Melia was added to each end with silver wire and reduced.
Darlene Collette
CiM Elixir
Darlene Collette
CiM Elixir
Melanie Graham

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Elixir is a response to many color requests for various shades of lime greens in varying degrees of translucency.
Elixir is a bit misty, but not too much. – Suzanne Cancilla-Fox
  • Special thanks to Laura Sparling for providing the photo in this section.

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"This bead mini set used a base of CiM's Elixir with stormed Double Helix Melia over dots of CiM Peppermint Cream. Each storm dot was encased with portal dots of DH Zephyr. Dots of reduced Melia completed the focal beads. The spacers are CiM's Elixir." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"This bead was on a base of Elixir with twisted dots of CiM's Peppermint Cream Ltd Run, Double Helix's silver glass Melia and Zephyr. Melia dots reduced completed the bead. Spacers are Elixir." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
A comparison of CiM greens.
Suzy Hannabuss
"Elixir makes a pretty decent base colour for silver glass." Read more at Melanie's blog.
Melanie Graham
"Anole [left] and Elixir [right] are another matching pair, with Anole being the tranlucent opal and Elixir the misty opal. Colour match is also good." Read more at DragonJools' blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"Anole, Elixir, and Elixir Sparkle all started out as the same hue. Anole is a light green opal that stays translucent after annealing, Elixir is a misty opal, and Elixir Sparkle has gold aventurine in it, which changes how it looks depending on how it is used. . . . They all looked slightly different to me, with Anole looking a bit more translucent than Elixir, which appeared a little more transparent." From Marcy's article in Glass Bead Evolution Volume 7- Issue 2, 2019.
Marcy Lamberson
"Elixir with Fremen stringer. Elixir is a misty opal and pretty translucent- you can see the shadow of the stringer that is on the opposite side of the bead- I think that is such a cool effect. It is a bright yellowish apple green. I had no problems with shocking or bubbling."
Caroline Davis
"Elixir is very similar in behavior to the famous Crocus and Cirrus. After reheating a beautiful nebula appears in their translucency, very similar to moonstone or opal. A glass of light green tone, almost transparent in rod form and translucent in beads. Uniform color, does not bubble and does not boil, good friends with Thompson enamel. And of course perfect for gooseberry!"
Alina Razumkova
"Elixir is a new misty opal green, very translucent and extremely pretty. A bright shade of green which will be perfect for zingy summer creations. It is quite similar to Budgerigar, but is lighter and more translucent."
Trudi Doherty
Left: Elixir      Right: Elixir Sparkle
Renee Wiggins
"What a fantastic, totally fluorescent color! It has a bit of an opalescence to it and is not completely transparent, which makes it such an interesting color. You get depth of shadow and transparency with this super saturated yellow-green. It's similar in tone compared to 511450 Chartreuse, but has the transparency of 511461 Jelly Bean. No problems at all melting this one."
Renee Wiggins
"The lighter shade is called Elixir, a soft delicate pastel semi transparent green. It seems to have an inner glow." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe
"Elixir is a misty opal in an acidic yellow-green. The glass melted easily with no shocking or bubbling and its opal mistiness was apparent whilst working the glass and remained after annealing. Elixir is a lovely glass that does exactly what you’d expect it to. Bob uncle Fanny aunt. The photograph was taken indoors in natural daylight." Read more at Laura's tumblr.
Laura Sparling
"A lovely fresh opal green that is subtle in colour and seems to gently glow from the inside. Beautiful to work, fuss free."
Juliette Mullett
"Akin to Chartreuse, however this new color is less intense. The opal glass has a subtle glow similar to milk glass. No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing."
Heather Sellers