Messy Color™ Starry Night Ltd Run

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Starry Night Ltd Run (511584)<br />An opaque creamy yellow with blue streamers.

An opaque creamy yellow with blue streamers.

Check out Maria's YouTube review of Starry Night. – Maria Schoenenberger

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CiM Starry Night
Heather Johnson
CiM Starry Night
Hillary Lawson
CiM Starry Night
Chris Haussler
CiM Starry Night
Joy Munshower
CiM Starry Night
Chris Haussler
CiM Starry Night
Juliette Mullett

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Starry Night is our 351 Stone Ground formula with 571 Cornflower blue streamers.
  • Special thanks to Heather Johnson for the photo in this section.
"Grand Canyon is definitely the darkest. It's warm and rich and earthy. Starry Night is the lightest, palest and most blue. It's soft and more subtle. Pachamama sits somewhere in the middle. It's the most green/yellow in hue." – Heather Johnson

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“My favorite of the new batch of colors, Starry Night [here used as the base bead] is the closest to the awesome Pachamama that sold out. The lines stay tight and crisp with normal heat. I prefer to distress it by raking, smearing, and blasting it in patches until it diffuses, creating a dreamy look.”
Laurie Nessel
Check out Maria's YouTube review of Starry Night.
Maria Schoenenberger
"Starry Night is one of the new streamer glasses from CiM. Lovely medium blue strands of colour stream across a creamy off white opaque base with hints of yellow. Having an opaque base really helps to show off the colour and squishing it produces interesting effects. Shown here as spacers, large and disc beads."
Janet Evans
"I had big expectations for Starry Night, along the lines of Effetre’s avorio. I think the colors are quite similar, but Starry Night does not have the curdley texture. Maybe that’s good. The top is self wrapped, and the bottom is encased in clear. Melted them together with a swirl. Can’t really tell a difference between the encased and not."
Jenefer Ham
"Starry Night is lovely! It reminds me very much of Pachamama, a colour that I completely adored working with from 2020. They are both streaked through with blue giving very pretty striations. Whilst Pachamama could show areas of ochre yellow and tan mixed with two tone blue, Starry Night seems to tend to stick more towards the blue palette." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe
"Starry Night is another colour similar to Pachamama and Grand Canyon, but it is paler. The base colour doesn't really compare to Grand Canyon, it's closer to Pachamama, but personally I prefer Starry Night to Pachamama as it's less green. The base colour is fairly uniform but there is a little variation with repeated heating and cooling. I didn't really try and push this too much so more variation may be possible than I've got here. It melts smoothly with no shockiness or bubbles. As with Grand Canyon, I found it looks great if you smush the molten glass before applying it to the bead. You can see what I mean by 'smushing' the glass in this photo. Personally, I never took to Pachamama but Grand Canyon and Starry Night are lovely."
Heather Johnson
Left to right: Grand Canyon, Starry Night, and Pachamama.
Suzy Hannabuss
"Starry Night is a streaky blend with blue streamers. It seemed to yellow when worked in the flame. Not shocky and no issues with bubbling or scumming."
Terri Herron
"This reminds me of a bluer version of Pachamama, reminiscent of a streaky milky sky with a hint of dry pale sandy hues. I preheated this rod, melted lovely with no issues. I found by mixing the tip of the gather upon itself back onto the rod and melted again I was able to get more streaks when applied. A lovely subtle mix of hues and is perfect for beach style beads or for a pastel and natural look."
Juliette Mullett
"A streaky blend with blue, that almost appears to fume and go greenish, like there is some silver in the base color. I'm not quite sure what I think of it, except I probably would have liked there to be more blue. Which is kind of my rule for life anyway." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson