Messy Color™ Commando

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Commando (511475)<br />An opaque army green.

An opaque army green.

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Vine cane with Commando. – Sue Stewart

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Messy Commando
Melanie Graham
Messy Commando
Robert Jennik
Messy Commando
Chris Sanderson
Messy Commando (new hue as of Oct. 2009)
Patricia Frantz
Messy Commando
Kathy Wilson
Commando, Evil Queen, & DH Clio
Mona Sullivan

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Commando was reformulated in fall 2009.
Customers complained that Olive and Commando were too close in hue, so per their suggestions we tweaked Commando to be more grey-ish. The new batch turned over in inventory in October 2009.
  • Commando is an opaque olive bluish green.
"You'll see it's [Commando] pretty close but more 'army green' than the Olive-which seems to have more of a yellow tone, this more gray. As seen in the pic it reacts great with silver leaf.  The one on the right is total chrome-like, heavy reduced with silver leaf, hard to get a pic of. One in the middle is reduced just a flash after leaf was melted on." – Elasia
  • Commando is unique to the 104 lampworking color palette.
"Another unique color offered up from CiM for our glass 'crayola box'." – Starleen Colon

Serena Thomas’s Commando discs were photographed successfully by a six year old.
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Patricia Frantz talks about Commando's new hue.
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Commando with 99% fine silver foil and Val Cox Purple Rose frit. See more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
Vine cane with Commando.
Sue Stewart
"This fun bead was made with Commando base, Ocelot Spots frit, silvered ivory stringer, and black." See more at Chris's blog.
Chris Sanderson
"Here I am testing the dark and light turquoises on a base of Commando and I'm not sold on it." See more Commando beads at Chris's blog.
Chris Sanderson
"These are my current favorite beads! Simple with just three colors of glass: Commando, light ivory and black." See more Commando beads at Chris's blog.
Chris Sanderson
"I did a few test beads – nothing very spectacular happened. Conclusion: really not very reactive. I think I prefer Olive, but if you like the bluer tone, go for Commando." Read more at Heather's blog.
Heather Kelly
"It does look like the Commando is more reactive with Ivory [than Olive with Ivory]. This dot on dot bead on the left is Commando and Ivory." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
Commando works well for leaves.
Leila Carras
"With Ivory, Commando develops a black outline around the Ivory when the Ivory is placed on top of it, and around itself when it is placed on Ivory. This accentuates its streakiness, but the line isn't very crisp." Read more about Commando at Melanie's blog, including encasing / reducing Commando and silver / Copper Green / Vetrofond Black / opal yellow / and white on Commando.
Melanie Graham
"I made a bead in every green shade of CiM I own, and also in similar Effetre shades." See more comparison beads including etched versions at Lush Blogs.
Julie Fountain
"Messy Commando, Olive, Tuxedo and Tamarind make a great combination for camouflage beads." Read more at Genea's blog.
Genea Crivello
"Olive and Commando are two greens that have been missing from the lampworking palette and in my opinion are great additions. There have never been greens like these produced in Italy that have been available to beadmakers." Read more at the Frantz Art Glass blog.
Patricia Frantz