Messy Color™ Celadon

511402 -

Celadon (511402)<br />An opaque sea foam green.

An opaque sea foam green.

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"Celadon developed a beautiful reaction line around this custom frit blend." – Patricia Frantz

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Celadon, Mermaid, silvered ivory, and black
Chris Haussler
Messy Celadon, Tamarind, Butter Pecan, Mermaid, Great Bluedini, Maple, Smurfy & Lauscha clear
Gail Witt
CiM Celadon
Pauline Chevalier
Messy Celadon
Pati Walton
Messy Celadon
Joy Munshower
Messy Celadon
JC Herrell

Darlene Collette included Celadon in her set of etched beads wrapped in silver wire.
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Melanie uses Celadon frit in her blend "Trails." See more of her 104 compatible FrittyBits blends.
Melanie Graham
This underwater themed focal is crafted using Celadon. See Heather’s tutorial ebook “Day at the Beach”.
Heather Sellers
Rachel uses Celadon to demonstrate the Veining Technique she developed. Check out her tutorial.
Rachel Childers
"The third bead from the left is a topper I made on a base of Celadon rolled in silver and wrapped in Kronos. This color combination didn’t have the same outline reaction as the demo bead but does give you an idea of a different shape you can try." See Becky's tutorial in the April 2012 issue of the Soda Lime Times.
Becky Mason
Celadon and rubino oro. See more at Chris's blog.
Chris Sanderson
"Here, with Light Ivory dots. Very strong reaction. A bit much for my taste, not quite as over the top as the Lauscha Turquoise." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"Note the dots of Celadon on EDP- nice separation of colours to give a two-colour dot effect." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"This is a variation [of Coral called] 'Sunburst' - and it is as happy and cheerful a shade of orange as you could wish for. This bead has dots of CiM Celadon. Notice a little reaction at the edges of the dots. Nice." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"Celadon developed a beautiful reaction line around this custom frit blend."
Patricia Frantz
"Silver sort of balls up and disappears on the surface of Celadon when it's melted in. And then, when reduced and encased, it goes yellow. But not just any yellow -- it retains the shininess of the silver and actually looks like a bright, shiny gold. I rather like this effect." Read more at Melanie's blog, including encasing / reducing Celadon and Cocoa / Tuxedo / Copper Green / and ivory on Celadon.
Melanie Graham
"I made a bead in every green shade of CiM I own, and also in similar Effetre shades." See more comparison beads including etched versions at Lush Blogs.
Julie Fountain
Marbled Celadon shards by Jolene Wolfe.  View more of Jolene's work.  
Jolene Wolfe
“I had purchased some antique green moonstone from Glasscraft about a year ago and when that was gone ~ that was it.  [I imitated that moonstone] with a mixture that I made for his fins by mixing clear and Celadon. The photo doesn't quite capture it, but it has a nice opalescent look.”
Leslie Anne Bitgood